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2. Inspiration is what you are to me.


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Had some hard times, but it's all over. And my EVS path is becoming more and more serious. After some accurate researches I've picked some possible places of destination.

Listed in a random order it would be:

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Oviedo, Spain (free love and beautifull views, anybody remembers?;)
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Liverpool, England

Decided not to stick to one country which I have always wanted to visit, because it's not the guarantee of a good choice. The main factor influencing my decision is the theme of a project - generally speaking the type of activities I'll be doing for 2 months time.. The Europe awareness and youth policy are my selections by now.

This weekend is my deadline for writing letter of application. It is not as easy as everyone thought.. So, let's start working.

1. How did it all happened?


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I'm on a verge of the greatest project I've ever planned, or done. I've been thinking of doing something really challenging since I turned 18. It seemed to me that life would start then and plenty of opportunities would become real. Maybe it's like that. This year is a huge exam of my responsibility and ability to make decisions. So I've just made a few.

The process of my applying to European Volountary Service started last Friday. Small talk with the girl who will be my 'guide during EVS project'. A piece of advice and 'good luck!' for a start. Frankly speaking, it's my cup of tea to find interesting project, contact the co-ordinator and convince him/her that I'm the person they're looking for. Three tiny notes are stuck to my computer and shout: 'write your letter of application, now!'. I promise. The notes, of course, are full of ideas - names of organisations I've chosen, causes for my applying, cons & pros..

Where will I be living/working/traveling in eight months time? I'm not sure (yet).

/This blog is an experiment - my way of practice, so that it's written in English. I'll be making a great deal od mistakes, but.. Practice makes perfect. Contact me in case of any inexcusable errors ;-)