1. How did it all happened?

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I'm on a verge of the greatest project I've ever planned, or done. I've been thinking of doing something really challenging since I turned 18. It seemed to me that life would start then and plenty of opportunities would become real. Maybe it's like that. This year is a huge exam of my responsibility and ability to make decisions. So I've just made a few.

The process of my applying to European Volountary Service started last Friday. Small talk with the girl who will be my 'guide during EVS project'. A piece of advice and 'good luck!' for a start. Frankly speaking, it's my cup of tea to find interesting project, contact the co-ordinator and convince him/her that I'm the person they're looking for. Three tiny notes are stuck to my computer and shout: 'write your letter of application, now!'. I promise. The notes, of course, are full of ideas - names of organisations I've chosen, causes for my applying, cons & pros..

Where will I be living/working/traveling in eight months time? I'm not sure (yet).

/This blog is an experiment - my way of practice, so that it's written in English. I'll be making a great deal od mistakes, but.. Practice makes perfect. Contact me in case of any inexcusable errors ;-)

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